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Gazebo & pagoda tent

Galaxy Structures is one of the world’s leading marquee tent suppliers. we use state-of-the-art technology to design, develop, test, and manufacture luxury matrix marquee tents.

Pagoda Tent Type

galaxy pagoda tent display

Pagoda Tent

  • The hexagon tent differs in appearance and space from traditional ones.
  • It provides extra internal space while staying stable.
  • Its unique shape and structure draw more attention.
galaxy gazebo tent display

Gazebo Tent

  • Eye-catching peak design for outdoor events or exhibitions.
  • Spacious top area for hanging lights or decorations.
  • Improved ventilation, ideal for hot weather or long events.

Pagoda Style Tent Material

PVC Pagoda Tent

PVC marquee tent roof cover and side walls made of double PVC coated polyester textile, can be coated or laminated, waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant.

Glass Wall Pagoda Tent

Glass Marquee tent aka transparent marquee tent, which was made of glass. However, due to the disadvantages of glass such as being fragile, and expensive, so we upgrading it to PVC as an optimization solution for a transparent effect.


Span WidthEave HeightRidge HeightWindload

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For any inquiries or customized solutions, please get in touch with our expert team. We look forward to being your reliable commercial partner.

Pagoda Tent Application

Pagoda tents have a wide range of application scenarios and can be used for various events and purposes. They are ideal for weddings, outdoor parties, corporate events, and exhibitions. Their elegant design and versatility also make them suitable for festivals, fairs, and even as temporary retail spaces. Additionally, pagoda tents can be used for private gatherings, garden parties, and as stylish extensions to existing venues. Their modular nature allows for easy customization and scalability, ensuring they meet the specific needs of any event or occasion.

gazebo tent
pagoda gazebo tent
gazebo tent
pagoda tent
pagoda tent 2

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Advanced Manufacturing at Galaxy Structures

Expansive Production Facilities

At Galaxy Structures, we are proud to operate out of three state-of-the-art processing centers globally, each covering an impressive 20,000 square meters. Our facilities are designed to handle the demands of large-scale productions without compromising on quality or efficiency. This vast space allows us to house the most advanced production machinery and provides ample room for our dedicated team of over one hundred workers, ensuring that all projects are completed to the highest standards.

Expansive Production Facilities
Galaxy Innovative Span Design

Advanced Precision Engineering

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our exceptional fine-tuning technology. Every tent we manufacture goes through a meticulous precision engineering process, ensuring that each component fits perfectly and functions seamlessly. Our use of cutting-edge technology and machinery enables us to create products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and durable, capable of withstanding various environmental conditions.

Automated Processing Chain

Efficiency is key in our operations, which is why we have implemented a fully automated processing chain. From the initial cutting of materials to the final assembly of tents, every step is optimized for speed and precision. This automation not only speeds up production but also maintains consistent quality across all products, reducing the likelihood of human error and enhancing the overall reliability of our tents.

Automated Processing Chain
Rigorous Quality Control System

Rigorous Quality Control System

At Galaxy Structures, quality is not an option but a promise. We employ a rigorous quality control system that scrutinizes every aspect of our production process. From raw materials to final output, every stage is subject to strict inspections and testing to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. Our quality assurance protocols are designed to detect and address any discrepancies early in the production cycle, guaranteeing that every tent we deliver is flawless.

Global Shipping Capabilities

Understanding the global nature of our clientele, we offer reliable and efficient shipping solutions. Our logistics network is equipped to handle deliveries around the world, ensuring that your tents arrive on time and in perfect condition, regardless of the destination. We manage all aspects of transportation, from packaging to customs clearance, providing a seamless shipping experience. Whether by sea, air, or land, we have the capabilities to meet your delivery needs promptly.

Global Shipping Capabilities

Why Choose Clear Span at GALAXY

When selecting a reliable supplier and manufacturer for clear span tents, GALAXY stands out as a premier choice for several compelling reasons. Our clear span tents offer unmatched versatility, durability, and customization, ensuring they meet the high standards of professional clients across various industries.

Unparalleled Structural Integrity

Unparalleled Structural Integrity:Our clear span tents are constructed with 6061/T6 aluminum alloy frames, known for their exceptional strength and lightweight properties. This ensures that the structures can withstand harsh weather conditions, including high winds and heavy snow loads, while remaining easy to transport and install.

Patented Stucture Systems:With over 200 patents, our structures systems ensure robust and secure assembly, providing peace of mind that the structure will remain stable and safe in all conditions.

Proven Track Record of Excellence

Prestigious Projects:GALAXY has a long history of supplying tents for high-profile events such as the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the PGA Golf Tour, and the British Royal Wedding. Our proven track record demonstrates our ability to deliver on large-scale, high-stakes projects with excellence.

Global Reach:With products exported to over 120 countries and an annual export volume exceeding 100 million dollars, GALAXY has established itself as a global leader in the clear span tent industry. Our international presence ensures we understand and can meet the diverse needs of clients worldwide.

Comprehensive Support and Services

Customization and Design: Our expert design team works closely with clients to develop customized solutions that meet unique environmental conditions and usage scenarios. We ensure that each tent is tailored to your specific needs.

Maintenance and Support: GALAXY provides detailed maintenance instructions and ongoing support to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of our tents. Our team is always ready to offer guidance, especially in preparing for extreme weather conditions.

Comprehensive Comparison
Main Material6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy, PVC FabricAnodized Aluminum, PVC Fabric
Surface TreatmentAcid-Base Oxidation, PVDF CoatingAnodization, Powder Coating
Customization OptionsHighMedium To High
Wind ResistanceUp To 120 Km/HUp To 100 Km/H
Snow Load CapacityMedium To HightMedium
Warranty20 Year (Aluminum), 5 Years (PVC)10 Year (Aluminum), 3 Years (PVC)

Who We Are

At Galaxy Structure, we are not only just a tent company, but also an internationally successful specialist in mobile and modular space solutions.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, we have evolved into a leading tent supplier and manufacturer, specializing in tent supplies and manufacturing. Our quality and effective building technology are endorsed by an extensive number of projects in our portfolio. Find out more about GALAXY STRUCTURES, Our diverse product range ensures that you will find the right tent system for your needs.


Leadership and Innovation

Under the guidance of our founder, Arthur Zhang, GALAXY has focused on technological innovation and local R&D. Despite the initial challenges of the temporary building industry, Arthur Zhang

Production and Global Reach

Under the guidance of our founder, Arthur Zhang, GALAXY has focused on technological innovation and local R&D. Despite the initial challenges of the temporary building industry, Arthur Zhang

Widely Product Range

Under the guidance of our founder, Arthur Zhang, GALAXY has focused on technological innovation and local R&D. Despite the initial challenges of the temporary building industry, Arthur Zhang


Brand History


Partners Cooperated


Countries Shipped


Countries Shipped

Brands We Work With

GALAXY is dedicated to offering top-tier outdoor space solutions worldwide. With our expertise and commitment, we provide unique, robust, and adaptable tent solutions that enhance user experiences across diverse applications.

For any inquiries or customized solutions, please get in touch with our expert team. We look forward to being your reliable commercial partner.

FAQs of Pagoda Tent & Gazebo Tent

If your question is not listed, please email us right now.

What are Clear Span Tents?

The Clear Span Tent is a tent structure that features no internal support poles or obstructions, providing an open, unobstructed interior space. This design provides maximum usable space and flexibility for a variety of activities and applications.

Clear Span Tents are versatile and suitable for weddings, celebrations, corporate events, sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, trade shows, temporary storage, emergency relief, food service and retail markets. Their spacious, accessible design provides a flexible and professional space that can be set up quickly and adapted to the needs of any occasion.

Yes, Clear Span Tents are highly customizable to meet the specific needs and preferences of different events and applications.

The waterproof performance of the A-frame waterproof tent is closely linked to its unique shape. Unlike flat or insufficiently inclined roofs where rainwater tends to accumulate and cause potential leakage or material damage. The A-frame tent’s design incorporates a sufficient inclination angle. This feature effectively prevents rainwater accumulation and leakage, even during continuous rainfall, ensuring the tent remains watertight and secure.

The prices of fabric buildings can vary widely based on several factors, including size, design complexity, materials, customization options, and additional features. Our team can be contacted for a quote.

Yes, clear span tents are designed to withstand a wide range of harsh weather conditions, making them a reliable choice for outdoor activities and applications.

Flexible and customizable. Tents can span up to 70 meters. Length can be extended indefinitely.

The aluminum alloy frame can last for 10-15 years, the PVC tarpaulin can last for 1-3 years, and other accessories have a one-year shelf life. When accessories are damaged, please replace them in time.