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About Galaxy Structures

One stop modular integrated solutions

party tent

01 | planning & design

Customizing layouts and blueprints for tailored modular solutions.


Implementing innovative techniques to develop reliable modular systems.

03 | Manufacturing

Fabricating high-quality modular components with precision.

04 | shipping

Ensuring efficient transportation of modular units to designated locations.

05 | installation

Seamlessly integrating modular units into existing infrastructures.

06 | maintenance

Providing ongoing support to uphold modular system functionality.

gaxtent about factory

our key focus areas

Enhancing Community Development icon

Enhancing Community Development

Engaging in sustainable initiatives and partnerships to uplift local communities and foster meaningful growth.

Embracing Inclusivity icon

Embracing Inclusivity

Creating environments and opportunities that champion diversity, equity, and accessibility for all.

Upholding Integrity icon

Upholding Integrity

Committing to transparent practices and ethical standards across all operations to build trust and credibility.

Minimizing Environmental Impact icon

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Implementing eco-conscious strategies and technologies to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve natural resources.

Circular Design Philosophy icon

Circular Design Philosophy

Embracing a circular economy mindset to design products and systems that prioritize resource efficiency and waste reduction.

Responsible Material Usage icon

Responsible Material Usage

Prioritizing sustainable sourcing and minimizing environmental harm throughout the lifecycle of materials used in our products and processes.

about galaxy structures

Hebei GALAXY Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the WZH Group, was established in 2001. Strategically situated in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, and Qingdao, Shandong Province, our factory specializes in the production, sales, and leasing of premium aluminum alloy tent buildings.

Spanning an impressive 60,000 square meters, GALAXY Canopy tent operates with over 200 skilled professionals and boasts a robust production capacity of 100,000 square meters per month. Our inventory consistently maintains approximately 250,000 square meters.

Diverse in scope, GALAXY’s tent products feature a net span ranging from 3 to 80 meters, with the flexibility of infinitely extending the length to cater to various requirements. Highly sought-after both domestically and internationally, our tent solutions stand out for their quality and versatility.

GALAXY offers a broad range of tent designs and shapes, including herringbone, pointed, spherical, polygonal, flat, container, double-decker, curved, and innovative air film structures. With 23 years of industry expertise, our success is attributed to a professional design and research team, modern processing workshops, advanced production equipment, and systematic operating procedures.

Committed to continuous improvement, GALAXY Canopy tent strives to be a processing base for peers and a leading brand in tent manufacturing, setting new standards in the industry.

what we can do

10K sqm

Avg.daily production capacity

200 km/h

Max.wind load(125mph)

60 m

Max.width,no limited of length

125 km/m2

Max.snow load

10 m

Max.eave height

3 level

Max.level of the structure

20 m

Max.ridge height

95 %

of the building can be reused when relocation

gaxtent about factory
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From Local Tent Supplier To Global Tents Manufacturer

Find out more about GALAXY STRUCTURES, Our diverse product range ensures that you will find the right tent system for your needs.