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electric push pull tent

Innovative Convenience for Your Events | Electric Push-Pull Tent

A versatile solution for basketball court tents and beyond. With heat insulation and weather protection, it seamlessly transitions indoor courts to outdoor spaces, thanks to its electric design. 

Featuring solid nylon wheels, the roof opens effortlessly, offering flexible ceiling heights and adaptable usage. Its modular aluminum alloy structure ensures lightweight portability and quick assembly. Beyond basketball, it finds application in sports events, BBQ venues, and outdoor retail. 

The option for sliding glass walls ensures ventilation and natural airflow, making it an ideal choice for various outdoor activities and events.

Versatile Usage: Designed initially for basketball court tents, this structure serves a variety of purposes, including sports events, BBQ venues, and outdoor retail spaces.

Seamless Transition: With its electric design, the structure effortlessly converts indoor spaces to outdoor environments, providing heat insulation and weather protection.

Flexible Configuration: Equipped with solid nylon wheels, the roof opens smoothly, allowing for adjustable ceiling heights and adaptable internal layouts.

Lightweight and Portable: Constructed from modular aluminum alloy, the structure is lightweight, easy to transport, and quick to assemble, making it suitable for temporary installations.

Enhanced Ventilation: The option for sliding glass walls ensures proper ventilation and natural airflow, enhancing comfort and air quality within the structure.

Basketball Court Tents: Provides heat insulation and weather protection for outdoor basketball courts, allowing for year-round play.
Sports Events: Ideal for hosting various sports events, tournaments, and competitions, offering a covered and adaptable space.
BBQ Venues: Creates a sheltered area for outdoor barbecues, allowing guests to enjoy grilling regardless of the weather conditions.
Outdoor Retail Spaces: Provides a versatile and weather-resistant environment for outdoor retail stores, pop-up shops, and product displays.
Special Events: Suitable for hosting weddings, parties, festivals, and other special occasions, offering a customizable and protected venue.


Our tent’s large PVC-coated membrane area provides superior UV protection, making it suitable for prolonged outdoor use. The innovative design, with a top cross configuration, not only enhances stress distribution for the membrane but also elevates its aesthetic charm, making it a focal point of any event.

It’s a revolutionary solution for all your temporary shelter needs. Crafted with precision and innovation, our tent combines durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal like never before.

Span width6.00m – 45.00m (20ft – 148ft)
Eave height3.00m – 5.00m (10ft – 16ft)
Overhead Rail height4.00m – 10.00m (13ft – 33ft)
Bay distance1.50m – 5.00m (5ft – 16ft)
Custom ColorYes
Water ResistantYes
UV CoatedYes
Flame ResistantYes
Custom Logo PrintingYes
Clump weightYes

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Our premium tents are durable, weather-resistant, and designed with continuous innovation.


We tailor tents to your needs, working closely with you to ensure a perfect fit from start to finish.


Setting up our tents is quick and easy, providing shelter in no time.

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Roof Cover & Walls

  • Roof Density:
  • 850GSM White PVC Fabric
  • 950GSM Transparent PVC
  • Roof Material:
  • PVC Coated Polyster Fabric
  • Features:
  • Waterproof, UV Resistance, Fire Retardant 
  • DIN4102, B1, M2/NFPA701
  • Walls:
  • Glass Wall
    ABS Wall
  • PVC Wall


  • Material:
  • Steel Q235 (hot-dip galvanized) or Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6S Steel Frame
  • Features:
  • Hardpressed, Rustproof, Elegant Appearance
  • Snowload:
  • 0.5kn/sqm
  • Wind Load: 
  • 100-120km/h or customized

Doors & Windows

  • Doors:
  • Single glass door
    Double glass door
    Fireproof door
    Sliding door
    Electric rolling door
  • Passenger door (for tents or temporary structures)
  • Window:
  • PVC french window
  • Glass hung window

Additional Accessories

  • PVC roof cover, side walls, and windows
  • Anchoring systems for stability
  • Manual or automatic rolling door options
  • Sandwich panel walls for added insulation
  • Flooring systems for comfort and stability
  • Weight plates for anchoring in windy conditions
  • Air conditioning options for climate control within the structure

Electric Push-Pull Tent

The Electric Push-Pull Structure boasts a sturdy frame crafted from Q235 hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, ensuring robust support and resilience against rust and high-speed winds. Reinforced by strong top diagonal braces, the structure guarantees stability. 

Its large PVC-coated membrane area offers excellent UV protection, while the top cross configuration optimizes stress distribution for enhanced aesthetics. Engineered with cutting-edge electric technology, this tent redefines convenience and ease of use like never before.

With the simple push of a button, our Electric Push-Pull Tent effortlessly expands and retracts, saving you valuable time and effort during setup and takedown. Gone are the days of struggling with cumbersome manual mechanisms – our tent streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your event or activity.

electric push pull tent
electric push pull tent drawing gaxtent

Powered by innovation, our tent boasts a sturdy frame constructed from Q235 hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, providing unparalleled strength and durability. Paired with high-quality PVC fabric and reinforced with top diagonal braces, it offers robust protection against wind, rain, and other elements, ensuring your peace of mind in any weather condition.

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Discover the unparalleled convenience and performance of our Electric Push-Pull Tent. With its electric mechanism, sturdy frame, and high-quality materials, it’s the perfect solution for your outdoor events.
But durability is just the beginning.

Versatile and adaptable, our Electric Push-Pull Tent finds application in a myriad of settings. Whether you’re hosting outdoor events like weddings, parties, or concerts, providing temporary shelter for sports facilities or commercial exhibitions, or even offering emergency relief during crises, our tent delivers unmatched performance.

With a commitment to quality, safety, and innovation, our Electric Push-Pull Tent sets a new standard in temporary shelter solutions. Experience the difference today and elevate your outdoor experience with us.


How does the Electric Push-Pull mechanism enhance the usability of these tents, and what are its key benefits?

The Electric Push-Pull mechanism simplifies setup and dismantling, offering a user-friendly experience with minimal manual effort required. Its efficient operation saves time and labor, making it an appealing choice for event organizers seeking convenience and efficiency.

Electric Push-Pull Tents are customizable in size, layout, and features to meet specific client requirements. Wholesalers collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences, offering guidance on customization options such as door placements, window configurations, and branding opportunities.

Electric Push-Pull Tents are designed with durability and resilience in mind, featuring sturdy frames and weather-resistant materials. They undergo rigorous testing to meet safety standards and are equipped with reinforcements for structural stability. Optional accessories like sidewalls and anchoring systems further enhance their performance in challenging weather conditions.

Electric Push-Pull Tents prioritize safety with robust construction and adherence to industry standards. They incorporate features such as reinforced joints and wind-resistant designs to maintain structural integrity. Additionally, manufacturers provide guidelines for safe installation and usage, ensuring a reliable and secure shelter solution for events.

Manufacturers offer comprehensive support and warranty coverage for Electric Push-Pull Tents, including technical assistance, troubleshooting guidance, and warranty protection. Wholesalers serve as a bridge between manufacturers and clients, facilitating communication and providing assistance throughout the purchasing process.