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A frame tent Curve Tent are easy to build and dismantle, suitable for various occasions such as camping, outdoor gatherings, exhibitions, etc.

The Best Waterproof Tent for Party & Event | A Frame Series

Are you facing challenges with construction costs and project timelines? Are you struggling with low utilization rates of building space? Or are you searching for a versatile solution adaptable to various situations? The A-frame tent house could be the perfect answer for your needs. 

With its quick assembly, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, the A-frame party tent house offers a practical alternative to traditional construction methods. Let’s explore further the benefits and features of the A-frame party tent house.

Ease of Setup: Its simple design allows for quick and straightforward assembly, making it an ideal choice for camping trips or temporary events.

Sturdy Structure: The triangular shape provides inherent stability, ensuring the tent can withstand moderate winds and other weather conditions.

Ample Interior Space: Despite its compact footprint, the A-frame design maximizes interior space, providing room for occupants and their belongings.

Versatility: Suitable for various environments and purposes, from camping and hiking to backyard parties and festivals.

Portability: Lightweight materials make the A-frame tent easy to transport, allowing for flexibility in location and use.

Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to larger, more elaborate tent structures, A-frame tents are often more affordable, offering value for money without compromising on quality or functionality.

Camping Trips: Perfect for outdoor adventures, providing shelter and protection while camping in forests, mountains, or campgrounds.

Backyard Gatherings: Ideal for hosting small gatherings, barbecues, or outdoor parties in residential settings.

Festivals and Events: Commonly used for temporary shelter at music festivals, art fairs, farmers’ markets, and other outdoor events.

Beach Getaways: Offers shade and protection from the sun during beach outings or seaside picnics.

Outdoor Education: Used as temporary classrooms or sleeping quarters for outdoor education programs, such as summer camps or wilderness retreats.

Emergency Situations: Deployed as temporary shelters during natural disasters or humanitarian crises, providing relief and assistance to displaced individuals or communities.

Outdoor Workspaces: Provides shelter for outdoor work activities, such as construction sites, field research, or outdoor workshops.

Recreational Activities: Used for recreational purposes like birdwatching, photography outings, or outdoor yoga sessions, offering a cozy retreat in natural settings.


Constructed primarily with aluminum alloy and featuring a PVC membrane as the top cover. The A-frame tent house offers a versatile and cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete or steel structures. With its lightweight yet durable design. The A-frame tent house boasts several key characteristics that make it an attractive choice for various applications.

Span width10.00m – 50.00m
Eave height4.00m
Ridge height5.25m – 11.50m
Bay distance5.00m
Custom ColorYes
Water ResistantYes
UV CoatedYes
Flame ResistantYes
Custom Logo PrintingYes
Clump weightYes

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a frame tent mold gaxtent

Wall & gable options

  • 650GSM Translucent PVC
  • 950GSM Transparent PVC
  • PVC french window
  • Transparent glass wall
  • Sandwich panel
  • Glass hung window

Door options

  • Single door
  • Double door
  • Sliding glass door
  • PVC door with zipper

Roof options

  • 850GSM Opaque PVC
  • 950GSM Transparent PVC
  • Double-layer thermal PVC roof

Additional accessories

  • Enterance ramp
  • Canopy
  • Reinforced beam
  • Decorative linings
  • Wooden floor
  • Cassette floor
  • Ventilation fan
  • Air conditioner

A Frame Outdoor Tents

When tailoring the A-frame tent house, selecting the appropriate top covers and wall enclosures is paramount. As it greatly influences the tent’s functionality and suitability for its intended use.

For shielding against the sun’s rays, the preferred choice is often the 850g/sqm PVC tent fabric. Renowned for its durability and protective properties. This fabric acts as a reliable shield, ensuring the interior remains cool and comfortable even under the intense heat of the sun.

In situations where maximizing natural light is desired, the 950g/sqm PVC transparent fabric, accented with white edges, is a popular option. This translucent material allows daylight to permeate the interior. Creating a bright and inviting atmosphere that enhances the overall experience within the tent.

A Frame Tent are easy to build and dismantle, suitable for various occasions such as camping, outdoor gatherings, exhibitions, etc.
a frame tent drawing gaxtent

The materials used in A-frame tents are non-toxic and environmentally safe, devoid of harmful gases or pollutants, ensuring the safety of occupants. Both aluminum and PVC membrane materials employed in the construction of A-frame tents are recyclable. And eco-friendly, aligning with sustainable practices and minimizing environmental impact.

Our A-frame tent Series Tents are versatile and expandable, with a variety of frame profiles and the ability to add 5.00m extensions. They’re made with fire-resistant PVC fabric and can withstand winds up to 75mph. Plus, we offer a range of accessories for customization.

The A-frame tent house employs a clear-span structural design, eliminating the need for internal support columns. This design not only enhances overall structural stability but also optimizes interior space utilization. With spans ranging from 3 to 60 meters, Selt offers three standardized series of A-frame Party tent houses to accommodate various needs. Site sizes, and environmental conditions, ensuring that customers can select the most suitable product for their specific requirements.


How is the environmental adaptability of the A-frame waterproof tent?

The design of the A-frame waterproof tent facilitates its adaptability to diverse climatic conditions, excelling not only in mild or humid climates but also effectively coping with more extreme weather. Particularly in snowy or cold regions, the curved tent structure mitigates snow accumulation and alleviates the pressure of snow weight on the tent. Ensuring reliable performance and durability even in harsh conditions.

Maintaining the A-shaped tent is straightforward due to its structure, which minimizes water accumulation and dust deposition. Regular cleaning and inspection help to preserve the tent’s optimal condition, mitigating the risk of water damage and ensuring its longevity.

Many curved awnings are designed with careful consideration of environmental factors, incorporating recyclable and eco-friendly materials. This approach not only enhances their practicality but also aligns with current sustainable development trends. Reflecting a commitment to minimizing environmental impact while providing effective shelter solutions.

The waterproof performance of the A-frame waterproof tent is closely linked to its unique shape. Unlike flat or insufficiently inclined roofs where rainwater tends to accumulate and cause potential leakage or material damage. The A-frame tent’s design incorporates a sufficient inclination angle. This feature effectively prevents rainwater accumulation and leakage, even during continuous rainfall, ensuring the tent remains watertight and secure.