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The Indoor Basketball Court Tent is a removable cover structure designed specifically for basketball that combines flexibility, durability and all-weather protection. Unlike traditional indoor basketball courts, these tents can be set up and taken down quickly, taking the game of basketball off the field. Whether it’s at a school, community centre or anywhere there’s open space, indoor games and practices can be easily achieved. Designed to provide more than just a temporary basketball court, these tents can be customised to suit your needs, such as adding heating for winter use or installing a shade cloth to protect against direct sunlight in the summer. In addition, the tent set-up can be flexibly adapted to the size and shape of the venue to maximise the available space. This convenient basketball court solution provides more people with the opportunity to participate in basketball and promotes the popularity and development of sports activities.

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As the number of people participating in sports activities continues to grow, so does the demand for multifunctional and year-round sports facilities. Traditional indoor sports halls have limitations in meeting this demand, such as high construction and maintenance costs and fixed location requirements. In contrast, indoor basketball court canopies are an ideal alternative due to their cost-effectiveness, flexibility of installation and ability to withstand a wide range of weather conditions. Not only does it ensure that athletes and fans can enjoy the game of basketball all year round, it also offers more options and possibilities for sports clubs, schools and communities. This versatile canopy structure can be adapted to suit different events, not only for basketball matches and training, but also for other sporting events, festivals and even indoor exhibitions. This flexibility and versatility makes indoor basketball court canopies an important part of modern sports facilities, making a positive contribution to the development and popularisation of sports culture.

Our Indoor Basketball Court Cover

Main Feature

Our indoor basketball court tents are designed with a large span structure that eliminates the need for internal support poles, providing a spacious and unobstructed space for basketball games and ensuring that athletes and fans can enjoy the best possible game and viewing experience. The use of high-end PVC tarpaulin and hard-pressed extruded aluminium alloy frame as the main construction material not only ensures the stability and durability of the tent, but also its wind, water and UV resistance in all weather conditions. It ensures that activities can be carried out safely inside the tent in all weather conditions. This structural design not only provides a more comfortable environment for basketball games, but also a better viewing experience for players and spectators, providing strong support for promoting the development and popularisation of basketball.

In addition, the design of the indoor basketball court tent takes into account the convenience and safety of the users. The tent structure is designed to open and close simply and conveniently, making the erection and dismantling process efficient and quick, saving time and labour costs. At the same time, the ventilation system and lighting facilities inside the tent are also carefully designed to ensure smooth air circulation and bright light inside the venue, providing a favourable environment for matches and training. In addition, we have also considered safety issues in case of emergencies, such as fire protection of the tent structure and the installation of emergency evacuation routes to ensure that all personnel can be safely evacuated in case of unexpected situations. All in all, the indoor basketball court tent not only provides a superior sports and spectator experience, but also focuses on the comfort and safety of the users, providing an ideal place for basketball enthusiasts and sports event participants.

Series types and customization

In order to cater for different pitch sizes and customer needs, we offer a wide range of marquees: the Arcum range, the Curve range, the A range, the Atrium range and the Polygon range. Each range has its own specific design features and benefits, and we have solutions for everything from small training venues to large competition venues. We understand that every customer’s needs are unique, so we offer a full customisation service that includes personalised adjustments to sizes, colours, logo printing and even structural design to ensure that each indoor basketball court tent is perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. These ranges of tents not only offer a wide range of options, but also meet the requirements of different venues and usage scenarios, providing customers with more flexibility and choice.

Of course, our goal is to create the ideal indoor basketball court canopy for our clients by offering a wide range of collections and customisation options: the Arcum collection, with its elegant arch design, adds a modern and stylish touch to venues of all sizes, while the Curve collection, with its sleek curves, creates a dynamic and energetic atmosphere that adds a unique touch to a basketball game. The A series focuses on simplicity and practicality, offering an affordable option for those who need a simple yet effective canopy solution, while the Atrium series adds a sense of luxury and comfort with its bright and spacious spaces and beautiful dome design. The Polygon range, on the other hand, with its polygonal structural design, offers customers a wider choice of shapes and layouts for special venues and individual requirements. With these extensive ranges and personalised customisation services, we are committed to providing our customers with the perfect indoor basketball court canopy solution to enrich and satisfy their sporting event experience.

Benefits of Our Indoor Basketball Court Cover

Application of Our Indoor Basketball Court

School sports activities

To provide schools with a temporary basketball court for organising sports courses, basketball matches and training, promoting students’ participation in sports and fostering a healthy lifestyle.

Community Sports Activities

Provide a convenient basketball venue for community residents to organise community basketball matches, tournaments or recreational basketball activities to enhance communication and cohesion among community residents.

Sports Club Training

Provide sports clubs with flexible and diverse training venues to organise youth or adult basketball camps, skills training courses or internal club competitions to enhance members’ basketball skills and competitiveness.

Commercial activities and events

Provide temporary basketball venues for commercial organisations or event organisers to hold commercial events, basketball exhibitions, festivals or basketball experience activities to attract more spectators and participants, and increase the attractiveness and fun of the events.

About us

GALAXY sports tents offer the safest and most economical solution for indoor basketball courts, football pitches, swimming pools, ice rinks and more. Our sports tents have high ceilings and provide spaciousness for a variety of sporting events. Best of all, our structures are portable. They can be easily erected wherever and whenever a sporting event takes place.

This portability provides great flexibility and convenience for sporting events. Whether it’s a school hosting a basketball tournament, a community organising a football tournament, or a sports club arranging a swimming competition or ice-skating show, our sports tents can be set up quickly to provide the ideal venue for the event. Moreover, as the tent roof is of moderate height, it can accommodate the needs of various sports, providing a comfortable environment for athletes and spectators.

In addition, our sports tent structures are carefully designed to provide excellent safety features. The sturdy support structure and durable materials ensure the stability of the tent in all weather conditions, providing safe and reliable protection for participants and spectators. Whether it’s sunny, rainy or snowy, our sports tents ensure the smooth running of the event and the safety of the participants.

Overall, with its high mobility, spaciousness and excellent safety, the GALAXY Sports Tent provides the perfect solution for a wide range of sporting events, bringing convenience and security to venues such as basketball courts, football stadiums, swimming pools and ice rinks.

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