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Clear Span Tent

‘Clear span’ is a term commonly used in building and bridge construction to refer to the unobstructed distance between supporting structures. Under this concept, clear-span tents, a type of clear-span construction, have become popular due to their strut-free interior design. This design not only provides more space for internal use, but also enhances the flexibility and suitability of the structure for a variety of temporary and long-term outdoor activities. Net-span tents have a wide range of applications in event planning, warehousing, exhibitions and temporary facilities due to their simple and efficient structure.

A clear span tent is a type of tent with no internal pillars or supports, and this design allows for a completely unobstructed space inside the tent. This pillar-less design not only improves space utilisation efficiency, but also provides great flexibility and freedom in setting up the event venue, making it ideal for large-scale events, exhibitions, weddings and temporary storage.

In contrast, traditional ‘pole’ tents rely on a central support pole and perimeter poles to support the top of the tent. While this design is robust, in practice, the internal space is divided by the poles, which can restrict the layout and seating arrangements of the event, and special consideration needs to be given to the positioning of the poles to avoid affecting the overall functionality and aesthetics of the venue.

Depending on the shape there are about 6 common types of clear span tents on the market as follows:

The Sliding Event Tent is an innovative net-span tent design that is unique in that it utilises a sliding rail system and a one-touch intelligent control system. This design allows the tent to easily and seamlessly transition between indoors and outdoors, providing users with great convenience and flexibility. The sliding event tent not only breaks through the limitations of traditional tents in terms of functionality, but also enhances the user experience through intelligent operation. It is widely used in various scenarios that require quick setup and adjustment of space, such as large-scale events, exhibitions, weddings and outdoor celebrations.

  • Flammable Retardant: The tent is made of flame retardant PVC fabric, which is DIN 4102 B1 and M2 certified and meets the US NFPA 701 flame retardant standard, ensuring safe use in all kinds of events.
  • Thickness: The tent material is premium high-gloss white PVC with a thickness of more than 0.65mm, which not only provides good shelter but also enhances durability and aesthetics.
  • Hardness: The main frame of the tent is made of aluminium alloy T6061/T6 with hard pressed extruded structure and stainless steel treatment on the surface. This design not only improves the hardness and durability of the structure, but also enhances the corrosion resistance to adapt to various harsh environments.
  • Strength: All flaps are made of double-coated synthetic fibres with excellent breaking strength, ensuring that they can withstand a variety of stresses during use and provide long-term reliable protection.
  • Snow Resistance: The tents have excellent snow resistance, with an average snow load of up to 0.1kN/m², making them suitable for outdoor activities during the snowy season or in cold areas, ensuring that the tents remain stable in snowy conditions.
Curve Tent are easy to build and dismantle, suitable for various occasions such as camping, outdoor gatherings, exhibitions, etc.

The unique look of the TFS Series Clear Span Tent resembles an inverted peach, or from the top, an A-frame tent with a peaked roof. The design extends the traditional 18° pitch angle to 25°, a greater angle of inclination that makes it more resistant to rain and snow. The curved and extended sides of the tent not only increase its structural strength, but also make more efficient use of the interior space, providing a more spacious and flexible venue for a variety of activities. This design combines aesthetics and practicality, making it ideal for a wide range of weather conditions, while maximising the efficient use of internal space.

  • Flame-retardant performance: Made of flame-retardant PVC fabrics, certified to DIN 4102 B1 and M2, and compliant with US NFPA 701 standards, ensuring safety during use.
  • Large span: the span range from 10 to 60 metres, which can meet the needs of various scales of activities and provide flexible space solutions for different types of activities.
  • Modular design: The modular design allows the tent to be expanded and adjusted according to specific needs, simplifying the process of erection and dismantling, and greatly improving the convenience and flexibility of use.
  • Durability and Safety: The tent is designed to withstand wind loads of up to 100 km/h (62 mph), ensuring stability and safety in all weather conditions.
  • High Quality Materials: The frame is made of high-grade anodised aluminium and corrosion-resistant galvanised steel, providing superior durability and corrosion resistance to extend the life of the tent.
  • A wealth of add-on options: A full range of add-ons are available to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the tent, including lighting, air-conditioning and heating systems, as well as decorative elements to meet a variety of special needs.

These benefits make the TFS series of clear span tents ideal for organising a wide range of events, combining safety, durability and flexibility to provide users with a quality experience.

The MPT range of clear span tents, known as the Mixed Party Tent, is renowned for its diverse combination of shapes and exceptional versatility. The design not only gives the tent great flexibility, making it suitable for all types of events, but also adds a unique sense of luxury. Its appearance combines elements of different shapes that are both aesthetically pleasing and versatile for different occasions, providing a high-end and versatile spatial solution for events.

  • Aesthetics: With its unique appearance design and diversified combination forms, MPT series tents present high aesthetic value and are suitable for all kinds of high-end activities.
  • Flexible customisation: A variety of shape combinations are available, including spire, polygon, A-frame, arch and narrow design, which can be flexibly customised according to different needs and meet the requirements of various scenes and events.
  • High-quality materials: the frame is made of high-grade anodised aluminium and corrosion-resistant galvanised steel, ensuring a sturdy and durable structure. The canopy is made of flame-retardant PVC material, which meets safety standards and provides reliable protection.
  • Full range of accessories: A wide range of accessory options are available, including indoor and outdoor staircases, balconies, insulated glass, entrances, lighting and air-conditioning systems, which comprehensively enhance the functionality and comfort of the tent.
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The Atrium Transparent Span Canopy is a large transparent canopy that has come to symbolise a variety of high end events with its superior spectacle and luxurious design. Its canopy is made with the latest technology using low wick, mould resistant, high gloss white flame retardant semi-transparent or opaque PVC material, which ensures aesthetics as well as providing safety and durability. Not only do these tents give a visually stunning effect, they are also able to provide a spacious and bright event space suitable for a variety of large-scale events and celebrations.

  • Premium Quality Materials: the frame is constructed from robust extruded aluminium alloy T6061/T6, providing superior strength and durability.
  • Extreme Weather Resistance: Designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 115mph, ensuring that it still provides a solid shelter in adverse weather conditions.
  • Flame retardant performance: the canopy is made from flame retardant PVC fabric, certified to DIN 4102 standards, ensuring safety during use.
  • Spacious design: A generous 5 metre spacing makes it suitable for large events, providing plenty of room for participants to move around.
  • Versatile accessory options: optional 950g/m2 double-coated transparent PVC with black trim or delicate horizontal glass walls to meet the needs and aesthetic requirements of different events.

Designed to resemble an elegant arch bridge, the graceful curves of the Arched Transparent Span Tent create a stunning visual effect that adds a unique charm to any event venue. Not only are these tents distinctive in their appearance, but they also have a spacious interior that provides a comfortable environment for a variety of celebrations, weddings, exhibitions and corporate events.

  • The quality materials we use ensure the durability and quality of our products. The frames are made from high grade anodised aluminium and corrosion resistant galvanised steel to stand the test of time and harsh environments. The covers are made from the latest low wick, mould resistant high gloss white, flame retardant translucent or opaque PVC materials to ensure excellent performance and reliability.
  • Our products are designed to be flexible, allowing for unlimited space expansion as needed. Adding modular extensions in 5.00 metre increments provides customers with the option to personalise and tailor them to meet the needs of different event venues.
  • Our products meet stringent safety standards. The cover’s PVC fabric is certified DIN4102 B1 M2 and NFPA 701 flame retardant, ensuring safe and reliable cover protection in all environments.
  • The product has excellent durability and can withstand wind loads of up to 120 km/h (75 mph). Whether in severe weather conditions, such as wind and rain, or in everyday use, our products excel, remaining stable and sturdy.
  • The products are highly adaptable and can be used with a wide range of common fittings, including a variety of walls, doors and other common interior fixtures. This flexibility allows our products to meet the needs of a wide range of different occasions, providing our customers with more choices and possibilities.

The multi-sided series of net span tents have a unique design, featuring octagonal, decagonal or hexagonal geometric shapes. This unique look not only adds to the aesthetics of the tent, but also adds a unique atmosphere and style to the event venue. Whether used for weddings, exhibitions, festivals or other events, the multi-faceted range of net span tents injects a distinctive charm into the venue.

  • Customised sizes: The multi-surface range of net span tents offers customisable sizes with tent spans of up to 20 metres, making it suitable for events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large exhibition events.
  • Modular design: The tents are modular in design and can be combined and adapted to suit your needs, providing flexibility and convenience for your event.
  • Durable and safe: The tent structure has been carefully designed to withstand wind loads of up to 100 km/h (62 mph), ensuring a safe and stable venue in adverse weather conditions.
  • Rugged materials: The use of robust frame profiles and flame retardant PVC fabrics ensures the durability and safety of the tent, enabling it to withstand the test of time and the elements.
  • Multi-functional space configuration: The multi-surface series of net-span tents have multi-functional space configurations, which can be flexibly laid out according to the needs of the event to meet the needs of different occasions, providing a comfortable and practical experience of using the tent for the event.

With proper maintenance, Clear Span tents can be used for long periods of time, withstanding all kinds of natural disasters and retaining their strength and integrity. Its modular system makes it easy to expand horizontally, giving the tent new life and extending its lifespan. This design not only ensures long-lasting durability, but also provides flexibility and sustainability, enabling the tent to adapt to changing needs and environmental conditions, giving the user a long-term stable experience.

Galaxy Structures has a dedicated product development team and an experienced design team who combine cutting-edge technology with the ability to customise your product. We are trusted by customers around the world and specialise in tackling complex challenges. From design to engineering, we set the highest quality standards to ensure the unrivalled reliability of our products. We uphold our passion for innovation to provide you with exceptional shelters.

If you need a free estimate on a versatile, quick clear span tent, contact us today. We will be happy to provide you with the most professional service to meet your needs and give you the perfect space to secure your event.

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