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Dome Structure: A Fusion of Ecology and Innovative Design | Galaxy Structures

In today’s fast-paced and highly digitalised world, there is a growing desire to return to nature and find ways to live in greater harmony with it. This is exactly why the concept of dome structures has emerged. A dome structure, as the name suggests, is a structure with a round or hemispherical roof, which not only conforms to the curves and arcs of nature in its shape, but also provides a unique and comfortable spatial experience.

In today’s world of accelerating urbanisation, people are beginning to realise that the traditional square building structure does not always fit in with today’s society’s need for nature and comfort. The dome structure has become a highly sought-after architectural form due to its unique design and eco-friendly nature. It not only maximises the use of natural light, but also creates a spacious and airy space inside the building, allowing people to feel a closer experience with nature.

More than just a change in architectural form, the dome structure represents a design concept with a deeper connection to nature and the environment. Over the past few decades, we have experienced first-hand the changes in lifestyle brought about by urbanisation and industrialisation, but at the same time we have also witnessed the impact of these changes on the natural environment around us.

With the expansion of cities and the continuous emergence of buildings, traditional forms of construction often have a negative impact on the consumption of natural resources and the ecological balance. As a result, the emergence of dome structures has become a new solution that is not only more visually compatible with nature, but also actively promotes sustainable development and environmental awareness through its special design and choice of materials.

The unique design of the dome structure allows the building to better integrate with the natural environment, maximise the use of natural resources and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, it also provides a more permeable and spacious space so that people can live and work more comfortably. Therefore, the dome structure is not only a change in architectural form, but also a kind of respect and care for nature and the environment, reflecting the concept of human beings living in harmony with nature.

Therefore, in this paper, we will explore the advantages of dome structures and their application in modern architecture. We will provide insights into how dome structures integrate ecology and innovative design to bring people a better, more comfortable living and working environment.

Dome structures are not limited to one particular form, but include a variety of types, each reflecting a different culture and use. In ancient times, there were domed temples, domed mosques, and domed baths. In modern times, dome buildings are used in a wider range of applications, including stadiums, observatories, science centres, landscape installations and residential buildings.

With their unique forms and designs, dome structures show diversity and flexibility in different cultures and scenarios. Ancient domed temples and mosques, usually in the shape of a dome or hemisphere, symbolise religious beliefs and spiritual pursuits, giving a sense of solemnity. Modern dome buildings, on the other hand, are more reflective of the characteristics of science and technology and innovation, such as stadiums and science centres dome design, both aesthetically pleasing and to meet the functional needs of the city as a landmark building.

Whether ancient or modern, the dome structure plays an important role in architectural design, which is not only a formal aesthetic expression, but also a combination of culture and function. Its versatility and flexibility have made it a highly sought-after design element in the field of architecture, creating a rich and colourful spatial experience for people.

Modern dome structures are designed to pay more attention to practicality and comfort, and enhance the living experience by simplifying and optimising the internal space layout. The enhancement of its internal public activity space makes it easier for occupants to have social interactions and family gatherings, and improves communication and contact between people. At the same time, the enlarged interior area provides residents with more activity space and storage space, which meets the diversified needs of modern life. Together with the independent bathroom, the residents can enjoy the private living space more comfortably, which enhances the quality and comfort of living. By cleverly connecting the living room and lounge space, the dome structure retains spatial fluidity while making full use of the interior space, making the overall layout more reasonable and livable.

In the design of the modern dome structure, the original curved appearance is completely retained, while a large viewing platform is added to meet new functional requirements. This design not only gives the building more practicality and versatility, but also enhances its aesthetics and ornamental qualities.
In terms of furniture selection, the designers applied ergonomic luxury bedding and high-end amenities to the layout of the space, further increasing the connection between the dome space and the luxury experience. Through carefully selected furniture and décor, a comfortable and luxurious living environment is created, enabling occupants to indulge in a high-quality living experience.
The design of the dome structure reflects the theme of ‘high-end accommodation’ and provides a distinctive luxury experience for the occupants. Whether it’s enjoying the stunning views from the viewing platform or relaxing in a cosy bed, the experience is one of unparalleled comfort and relaxation. The embodiment of this design philosophy makes the dome structure not only an innovative form in the field of architecture, but also an exemplary model of high-end accommodation experience.

The curved shape of a dome structure distributes gravity and wind loads evenly and can cover large spans of space without the need for internal support columns. Dome buildings are also favoured for their advantages in terms of natural light and ventilation, with circular openings in the roof allowing natural light to penetrate evenly into the interior while allowing for good air circulation.

Geodesic dome tent

WildernessDome is located in the scenic beauty of the Canadian Rockies.The hotel focuses on providing a quality wine tasting experience while welcoming guests to spend quality time together in the hotel’s public areas. Each of the beautifully designed domed rooms is quietly nestled amongst the vineyards, providing guests with an immersive accommodation experience. It is ideal for all wine lovers or those seeking a unique Tasmanian holiday.

We are committed to providing comfortable and environmentally friendly accommodation options that offer our guests an experience in harmony with nature. By placing sinks behind partitions, we not only protect the privacy of our guests, but also minimise water waste, demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Domescapes is committed to reducing waste generation and electricity consumption and encourages guests to be active participants too. We build our hotels in a more environmentally friendly way, using low carbon building systems and renewable energy sources such as solar power to minimise our impact on the environment. In addition, we are constantly exploring the natural cave lifestyle and deeply integrating it with the site to provide our guests with a more green-conscious accommodation experience.

Each dome house offers full en-suite facilities incorporating a unique camping style. They are furnished with comfortable king-size beds, quality cotton bed linen, quilts and soft furnishings to create a warm and cosy stay for guests. The interior design is sophisticated and close to the beauty of the natural environment, aiming to let guests feel the purity and beauty of nature while being comfortable.

Compared to the rest of Canada, the Rocky Mountains have a relatively more varied and rugged climate. The weather here can change at any time, from sunny to stormy, or even suddenly cool or snowy. Therefore, when designing WildernessDome’s igloos, we took this climatic feature into consideration and used durable and waterproof materials to ensure that our guests enjoy a comfortable and safe stay in all weather conditions. Attention was also paid to the comfort of the indoor facilities to meet guests’ needs for relaxation and rest after an outdoor adventure. How does the dome structure withstand severe weather? Polycarbonate panels are 250 times more impact resistant than glass, making them extremely durable.

Polycarbonate demonstrates its uniquely superior performance in harsh weather conditions. As a strong and resilient thermoplastic, it excels in temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees to minus 130 degrees. Its excellent weathering properties enable it to withstand natural assaults such as hail, storms and snow, and its UV resistance ensures a service life of up to 10 years. However, once the shelf life is exceeded, polycarbonate can be exposed to inclement weather, causing the sheet to yellow and detract from its aesthetic appearance.

Nestled in the scenic beauty of the Canadian Rockies, the WildernessDome is known for its polyhedral domes set against the blue skies, providing a sense of tranquillity. Quality engineering ensures a warm and cosy stay for guests, whatever the weather conditions.

The six-metre-high domes are a great defence against the extreme winter and summer weather of the Rocky Mountains. Each energy-efficient dome is equipped with solar vents and fully enclosed, double-layered insulation to ensure ultimate comfort throughout the year.One of the WildernessDome’s standout features is its spacious clear-sky windows, which take up a quarter of the dome’s structure, allowing for a starry night sky to be seen. This unique design attracts attention and allows guests to gaze at the stars in comfort.

The shape of the dome allows for a much lower surface area to volume ratio, resulting in relatively low energy consumption and high efficiency in heating and cooling. In addition, the dome is equipped with an efficient and easy-to-use ventilation system that uses natural ventilation principles to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature. This design not only helps to reduce energy consumption, but also improves air quality inside the dome.

The design of the dome focuses on minimising waste and carbon emissions. Prefabricated modular units reduce the resources and energy consumption required for on-site construction, thus ideally achieving the goal of zero construction waste.

dome tent drawing gaxtent

As the global ageing problem continues to grow, there is a growing concern about the inability of ordinary public spaces to meet the activity needs of older people. Dome structures have become a popular choice in sustainable landscape design for ageing due to their versatility: they can be used as places for healing, social gatherings, and landscape vignettes. This versatility allows domes to better meet the needs of communities and environments, providing a comfortable, safe, and fun space for older adults. At the same time, the use of domes minimises the waste of resources and creates a more environmentally friendly and sustainable landscape environment.

Empty nesting in the countryside, lack of facilities for the elderly in public spaces, psychological disorientation of the elderly, and a low sense of well-being are all challenges commonly faced by rural elderly people today. How to improve people’s sense of well-being through design while meeting functional needs is a long-term and urgent issue. With a limited budget, how to implement effective landscape design to meet people’s material and spiritual needs is an important issue that requires in-depth thinking and exploration.

To truly improve people’s well-being, we need to revisit design strategies. Should we rely on the cyber-celebrity devices that have taken the countryside by storm, or should we dig deeper into the essence of local culture? This is a process that requires careful thought, constant overturning, and a fresh start. Only by waiting for the flowers to bloom can we find the most appropriate direction.

Glamping luxury (glamping) is becoming increasingly popular as travel options diversify and the desire to be close to nature continues to grow. Under this trend, various niche forms of accommodation have sprung up, offering travellers a more unique and exciting experience. And as a form of architecture that promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness, domes are becoming an innovative force in landscape design.
More than simply providing shelter and protection, dome structures represent a concept of living in harmony with nature. Its unique form and design make it the perfect choice for blending in with the natural landscape. Whether located in the mountains, deserts or forests, domed structures can provide travellers with a distinctive accommodation experience.
In addition, dome structures are often constructed using sustainable materials and technologies, reducing their negative impact on the environment. By utilising renewable energy and water resources, as well as adopting green building principles, dome structures achieve comfort and luxury while preserving natural ecosystems as much as possible.
Therefore, as travellers’ demand for experiential travel continues to grow, domed structures will continue to lead the way in the travel industry as a unique and eco-friendly accommodation option that offers a richer, deeper and more sustainable travel experience.

event dome tents
event dome tents

The design of the dome structure does not simply follow the traditional form and structure, but focuses on the integration of modern concepts and regional characteristics. Instead of the rectangular frame common to traditional buildings, it adopts smooth curves that echo the surrounding natural landscape to better blend into the environment. This design concept not only gives the building a modern feel, but also shows respect and concern for the local culture and environment.

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