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Built Year:2022
Built Duration:8 Days
Sector:Agriculture Warehouse & Storage
Tent Size:16*24*5m

In the year 2022, Galaxy Structures Warehouse embarked on an extraordinary journey, securing a significant contract from the Australian agricultural sector. This ambitious project was bestowed upon us by a leading agri-products trading company based in Australia, which was in dire need of a pivotal solution to streamline their operations.

The challenge was not just to construct a transit warehouse, but to build a nexus for their packaged grain products’ import and export activities. This warehouse was not envisioned as a mere storage facility, but as a vital hub, a central point connecting the myriad threads of the agri-products trading company’s expansive operations.

This undertaking was of considerable importance, given the critical role of the agri-business in Australia’s economy. The warehouse was set to bridge the gap between the company’s vast network of grain producers and the bustling ports, facilitating a seamless transition of grains from the heartland to the farthest corners of the globe.

The project was not just about erecting a structure; it was about creating a solution, an answer to the complex logistical challenges that the agri-products trading company grappled with. It was about constructing a haven for grains, a place where they could be securely stored, efficiently managed, and swiftly dispatched when the need arose.

Beyond its utilitarian function, this warehouse was to become a crucial cog in the machinery of Australia’s agri-business, contributing to the robust growth of the industry, and by extension, the Australian economy. As such, the undertaking was not just a project for Galaxy Structures Warehouse, but a mission, a commitment to our partners and to the larger community.

Situated far from the coastline, nestled amidst the embrace of towering mountains and dense forests, the location of the warehouse presented its own unique set of challenges. This remote area, marked by its rugged terrain and extreme climatic conditions, experiences wind speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour, making it a formidable site for construction.

Adding to the complexity of the project was the tight construction timeline. With only eight days to bring the vision of the warehouse to life, Galaxy Structures faced a Herculean task. The race against time necessitated swift, yet meticulous planning and execution, pushing our team to devise innovative and flexible warehousing solutions that could be swiftly deployed.

This case study delves into the intricacies of this project, shedding light on the nuanced challenges we faced and the creative problem-solving approaches we employed. It is a testament to Galaxy Structures’ commitment to delivering tailored solutions that cater to our clients’ specific needs.

The chosen location, while remote and challenging, was not without its benefits. The natural buffer provided by the surrounding mountains and forests offered a degree of protection against the elements. However, the high wind speeds required careful consideration in the design and construction phases to ensure the structure’s durability and stability.

The weather conditions were not merely obstacles to overcome; they were key factors that shaped our approach to the project. Every decision made, every strategy devised, was done with a deep understanding of the climatic conditions and their potential impact on the warehouse. In short, the elements were not our adversaries, but our guides, leading us to create a warehouse that was not only functional but also in harmony with its surroundings.

We were contacted by an Australian agricultural trading company in need of a warehouse to serve as a transit point for the import and export of their packaged grain products. That is, this warehouse would be used to store pre-packaged agricultural products for local trading activities.

After speaking with the client, we understood that these goods would be transported by truck and therefore would need to have forklift access to the warehouse. Furthermore, the site where this warehouse was to be built was surrounded by hills and forests, away from the coastline. We carried out a survey and found that the wind load situation was not very severe, with a maximum wind load of 100 km/h. This factor was crucial to our design solution.

Based on the client’s requirements and the results of our survey, we developed a comprehensive design program to meet their needs and ensure the safety and efficiency of the warehouse.

First of all, considering that the goods need to be transported by trucks and forklifts need to enter the warehouse, we will design spacious entrances and exits for trucks and ensure that the internal aisles of the warehouse are spacious enough for forklifts to enter and exit freely and operate. At the same time, we will install suitable signs and instructions outside and inside the warehouse so that drivers and staff can clearly understand the path of cargo flow and operation procedures, thereby enhancing work efficiency and safety.

Secondly, considering that the warehouse is located in a site surrounded by hills and forests, we will take appropriate measures to prevent the impact of natural environmental factors on the warehouse. This may include planting trees around the warehouses to mitigate the wind, or adopting special designs on the warehouse structures to resist wind and other natural influences. We will ensure that the building materials and structure of the warehouse comply with local building codes and are able to withstand potential wind loads.

Finally, we will design the layout and storage system of the warehouse to maximize the storage density and access efficiency of the goods, based on the needs and practicalities of the client. We will take into account different types of agricultural products and select appropriate storage equipment and methods to ensure that the goods are kept in good condition at room temperature and are easy and quick to handle and manage.

Through these comprehensive designs and measures, we will provide our customers with a safe and efficient warehouse that meets their needs and reliably supports their agricultural trading activities.

We address the needs of our clients with our modular arch series of canopies. This design is known for its gable roof and is referred to as the Gable Series. Given that this warehouse is primarily used to store ambient temperature items, which typically require a lower gable height, we opted for a standard 4 meter gable height. In addition, to ensure integrity, the structure needed to be fully enclosed, use wall panels and be built on a concrete floor.

With our decades of experience and expertise, we provided our client with a variety of options for integrating features, facilities and services. Ultimately, they decided to utilize our Galaxy Structures arcum series for their warehouse needs.

Our Galaxy Structures arcum range of canopies offers the perfect solution to our customers’ needs. The design is not only structurally sound, but also sleek and stylish, conforming to modern industrial standards, making the client’s warehouse both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Throughout the design process, we paid attention to detail and customized it to meet the client’s specific requirements. We ensured the structural strength and stability of the canopy to meet the challenges of its surroundings, such as wind and terrain conditions. At the same time, we took into account the workflow and space utilization within the warehouse, designing a rational layout and storage system that allows goods to be moved in and out and stored efficiently.

In addition to the design of the canopy itself, we also provide customers with a full range of services, including on-site installation, equipment commissioning and after-sales maintenance. Our professional team will follow the progress of the project from start to finish and ensure that every aspect is carried out according to the client’s expectations and standards.

Through our hard work and professionalism, customers can rest assured that they can leave their warehouses in our hands and focus on their business development and operations. We will continue to be committed to providing high quality products and services to our customers and grow and succeed with them.

While communicating with the client, we found several challenges that needed to be solved. First, we had to take into account the topographical conditions of the construction site. As the site is located on soil, our engineering calculations and analysis by our technical team showed that the warehouse tent structure had to be built on a solid concrete floor in order to ensure stability and wind resistance.

Therefore, we advised our client to build a concrete floor. We advised them to start by laying a layer of concrete of suitable thickness, which is not difficult to achieve locally. The concrete floor would provide a solid foundation for the tent frames, ensuring that the entire warehouse structure would be solid and reliable, able to withstand the challenges of wind and other external environmental factors.

In addition to foundation issues, we focused on designing the warehouse’s internal facilities to improve its operational efficiency and comfort. We have carefully designed lighting, ventilation systems and forklift aisles to ensure good lighting and air circulation inside the warehouse while facilitating forklift operations. The rational layout and design of these facilities help optimize the utilization of the warehouse’s internal space, improve work efficiency, and ensure the comfort and safety of employees during the work process.

Through close communication and in-depth analysis with our clients, we successfully overcame the challenges of terrain and internal facility design and provided them with a solid and efficient warehouse solution. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide our clients with a full range of services to fulfill their various needs and requirements for warehouse construction.

  • Customized, 16*24*5m size
  • 850gsm white PVC tarpaulin roof
  • Composite wall panels
  • Lighting system
  • Ventilation system with industrial vents
  • Designed forklifts lanes
  • Constructed on concrete floor
  1. Flexibility: Storage tents are often designed with a modular structure that can be customized and adapted to suit different storage needs and site conditions.
  2. Fast to build: Compared to traditional structures, storage tents are faster to build and can be up and running quickly, saving time and costs.
  3. Low Cost: Storage tents are relatively inexpensive to build because they are often constructed using lightweight materials and simple structures, reducing building materials and labor costs.
  4. Portability: Storage tents are usually portable and can be dismantled and relocated as needed, providing businesses with flexible operations.
  5. Large Space Coverage: Storage tents are typically designed with large space coverage to accommodate large quantities of goods and high internal space utilization.
  6. Strong adaptability: storage tents can be used for a variety of purposes, not only as temporary warehouses to store goods, but also as workshops, exhibition venues, etc., with strong adaptability and versatility.

The successful completion of a rapidly deployed packaged grain transshipment warehouse in Australia is a testament to our Galaxy Structures’ expertise in agricultural storage and commitment to providing innovative solutions. Despite facing treacherous terrain and stringent wind load requirements, our team managed to seamlessly integrate a 5 meter eave height gable series of modular tents to ensure efficient storage of ambient agricultural goods. By advising the client to construct a concrete floor, we successfully overcame the terrain obstacles and provided a strong and durable foundation for the warehouse in Australia.

Our team overcame challenges to ensure that the construction of the warehouse went smoothly and the project was completed within the scheduled time. Throughout the project, we worked closely with the client and communicated constantly to ensure their needs were fully met.

Upon completion of the warehouse, we conducted thorough inspections and tests to ensure that all facilities and equipment were functioning properly. We provided detailed training to ensure that the client’s staff were proficient in operating and managing the warehouse to ensure optimal operational efficiency and cargo security.

The client expressed a high level of satisfaction with our solution and praised our expertise and service attitude. They indicated that they will continue to work with us and recommend our solutions to other potential customers.

This successful case further proves our strength and experience in the field of agricultural warehousing, and we will continue to work hard to provide high-quality products and services to create more value for our customers.

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